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From Tattoo Legend to Filmmaker

Lily Lu is not just a Tattoo Legend , but a true visionary within this art form and a modern Philosopher and Artist.
With almost 20 Years as a Professional Tattooist she got worldwide known and inspired a entired Genre of Tattooart.

Her work got published in almost every Tattoo Magazin around the world and featured in Books and Docus.
Beside of her own unique style she was most recognized for her world-record sized tattoo projects.

Better known under her Artist name `Little Swastika´

The Tattoo Artist

Little Swastika

Little Swastika is an extraordinary tattoo artist, a true maestro of the inked canvas, who transcends traditional boundaries to become a visionary and modern shamanic philosopher. His tattooing is not merely an art form; it’s a transformative journey etched into the very essence of his clients. Each stroke of his needle is a brushstroke on the canvas of the soul.

His creative talents extend far beyond the realm of tattooing, encompassing the meticulous crafting of various mediums. He is an architect of ink, a sculptor of skin, and a storyteller through tattoos. 

Little Swastika’s inked creations are more than just designs; they are living, breathing expressions of the human spirit, each one a testament to his unique and eclectic style.

Little Swastika is more than just a tattoo artist; he’s a soul alchemist, transforming skin into a canvas of dreams and desires.

His clients don’t just leave his studio with tattoos; they emerge with stories etched into their very beings, stories that speak of love, life, and self-expression.

Little Swastika’s extensive travels around the world have heavily influenced his artistry, particularly by the Asian Tibetan art and writing traditions. In response, he has crafted his own Sanskrit-inspired style called “Psyscrit,” which is prominently featured in his tattooing and painting work. 
Each stroke of “Psyscrit” is a spiritual journey, a fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary creativity that finds its home on the human canvas.

He is not just an artist; he’s also a published author of multiple tattoo art books, some of which even cater to children’s fiction, demonstrating the universal appeal of his work.His artistry has garnered international attention through interviews and publications in the global media, proving that the language of ink is truly universal.

Enter Little Swastika’s captivating world of tattoo art, filmmaking, and shamanic philosophy, where blackwork tattoos, abstract avant-garde art, and psychedelic culture converge to create a mesmerizing fusion of creativity that is uniquely his own.

It’s a world where tattoos are not just designs; they are portals to the soul, and Little Swastika is the master craftsman who wields the inked key.

World Famous Tattoo Studio

Psyland 25

This very own self-created gallery, studio, and living space nestled deep in the heart of the German countryside. Here, she continues to explore the profound connection between tattooing, body modification, and art. Psyland 25 isn’t just a tattoo parlor; it’s a sacred sanctuary where ink meets spirituality.

It’s Lilys modern-day “temple,” a hallowed ground where the art of tattooing is elevated to a form of divine expression.

Rooted in southern Germany, in the small town of Tengen in 2013, “Psyland 25” has become the birthplace of all this creative endeavor . It is more than just a tattoo studio; it is an alternative playground for adults, her empire. She calls this her modern “temple”, and it is by far her biggest masterpiece of creative art.


Award Winning Filmmaker

Lily Lu is a lover of life and someone who believes in doing impossible things, crossing borders, and going beyond what is considered normal.

For her, extreme body modification, experimenting with psychedelics, BDSM, polyamory, fetishism, and alternative porn are an everyday part of her alternative subculture, which she calls life. She loves shamanic rituals, philosophical thought, and everything that has touched her heart and mind. Her love is deeply expressed, and through the use of her hands, she has built up her home ‘Psyland 25‘, ‘Psy25‘ and manifested it as her biggest dream.

Her vision as a filmmaker is to document the beauty of true alternative lifestyles, to show what is behind the surface, reveal the real raw truth, the beauty, and the love within her and others in her world.

Lily Lu has been prolifically producing and conveying her documented vision through short films, small documentaries on her YouTube channels, through psyland25 and on the more adult side with kinky films for Dirty Dreaz winning film awards for her raw and edgy alternative xxx films and aims to breakthrough into feature films in the future.

Lily Lu has traveled the world and has been heavily influenced by Asian Tibetan art and writing, developing her own Sanskrit style called Psyscrit, heavily represented in her art style of tattooing and painting. She has published multiple tattoo art books, including children’s fiction books, and has been interviewed and published in the international press all over the world.

Explore Lily Lu’s world of tattoo artistry, film making and shamanic philosophy and more – where blackwork tattoo, abstract avant-garde art and psychedelic culture meet to create a unique fusion of creativity.


Tattoo Ink Pioneer

The Tattoo Legend

Dive into the  world of the Tattoo Artist Lily Lu, better known as Little Swastika, a true Ink trailblazer who defies convention. Pioneering a distinctive tattoo genre and influencing the global tattoo scene, Little Swastika’s unique style has got the attention of the people worldwide.

From full-body tattoo suits to groundbreaking installations over Multiple Person Bodys, his artistic journey is nothing short of special.

While he may have retired from tattooing, his legacy endures as a living legend, with his work featured in numerous magazines and documentaries all around the World.

Tattoo Course Teacher

Nurturing Future Tattoo Artists

His impact as a mentor is as impactful as his tattoos. As a revered instructor, he has passed down his knowledge to a new generation of tattoo artists. Through his guidance, students learn to channel his signature style, breathing life into their own creations.

His legacy thrives as his teachings echo in the inked masterpieces of those he’s inspired. He shares his vast knowledge also through online workshops, catering to beginners and seasoned tattoo artists alike, making his expertise accessible to the world.

Tattoo and Art Books

Author and Philosopher

Beyond tattooing his artistic expression takes on new mediums in the written word. Explore his captivating art and Tattoo books, from enchanting children’s tales to comprehensive volumes delving into Tibetan art and culture, simple mandala coloring books.

Even a profound philosophical exploration of life titled “The Box I Call Life” His words offer a glimpse into the origins of his creative spirit. Immerse yourself in his written works and uncover the profound philosophy that fuels his art.

Art Exhibitions

The Global Art Voyager

Little Swastika’s art transcends boundaries and manifests in exhibitions and projects across the globe. From the USA to Nepal, Russia to Australia, and throughout Europe, his art has left an indelible mark.

Step into the world of his visionary exhibitions, where cultural boundaries blur and artistic expression knows no limits. Experience the journey of an artist who continues to inspire and innovate on a global scale.


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