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Dotwork Tattoo Workshop

Learn the art of Dotwork Tattoo in a comprehensive Basic + Advanced Workshop at the INK MASTERCLASS.

1 section • 14 lectures • 4h 29m

Learn tattooing from scratch / Mandalas, Geometric Pattern

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What Will You Learn?

  • Fundamental principles of tattooing
  • Mastery of all Dotwork tattoo techniques
  • Transitioning from drawing to tattooing
  • Essential equipment and sourcing guidance
  • Establishing hygienic standards and fundamentals
  • Setting up your workspace, machines, and preparing to begin
  • Understanding various needles and their application techniques

Course Content

1 section • 14 lectures • 4h 29m

  • 03:11
  • 30:17
  • Needles and Ink
  • Hygiene
  • Workspace Set-up
  • Work with a Client
  • Placement
  • Stencil Making
  • Basic Tattooing
  • Outlines Tattooing
  • Filling Tattooing
  • Shading Tattooing
  • Cleaning + Aftercare
  • Outro

About Course

Take a class that teaches just how to do Dotwork Tattoo Style really well

Learn dotwork tattoo with this in-depth tattooing course, perfect for beginners or experienced artists looking to expand their skills. Learn everything from the basics to advanced techniques in the dotwork style.

If you’ve ever thought about making your own dotwork tattoos or played around with a tattoo machine, this course is a great place to begin. Moreover, In this tattoo course instructor Lily Lu will give you clear understandig how to do dotwork tattooing.

Taught by a well-known tattoo artist who later turned to filmmaking, this course isn’t led by someone new to the field. I created my own tattoo style, broke world records, built an incredible tattoo studio, and guided a few students who are now famous tattoo artists themselves.

After this dotwork tattoos course, you’ll understand how to set up and start dotwork tattooing

Not your typical beginner’s course, this program is solely dedicated to launching you into the world of Dotwork tattoos. From setting up your equipment and maintaining hygiene to mastering the basics of tattooing, we’ve got you covered. While it won’t replace the introductory tattoo course, this program is your ticket to diving headfirst into Dotwork tattooing. Expect a comprehensive overview—from machine setup to hygiene essentials—laying the groundwork for your Dotwork journey.

For those already familiar with tattooing, this isn’t a rerun of the basics. Instead, we’ve tailored the lessons specifically for you to swiftly grasp all the crucial information about dotwork, bypassing the foundational steps. Advanced Tattoo Artists, this course is designed to cut to the chase.If you are lookin to learn dotwork tattoo style in your design you are the right place. Lily Lu has over 20+ years of experience on tattooing industry. Not ony that, you will able to learn modern pattern tattoo with her touch. Most importantly, there are aditional feature you can get from her that is, how to handle real clinet and how to look after your client needs. So, Enroll Dotwork tattoo courses and learn latest design tattoo.

Why am I able to teach you dotwork tattoo?

As a tattoo artist, my work has gained recognition worldwide, featured in numerous books, magazines, and online platforms. You can explore my creations by searching “little swastika” on Google or visit our website, Psyland25, for a deeper dive into this vibrant art form. Additionally, I own a tattoo shop called Psy25, offering variety of supplies and merchandise. To enhance your tattooing skills, check out my 1000+ Procreate brush tools on Tattoo-procreate25.

Additionally, I am an internationally award-winning filmmaker and digital content creator. My expertise also extends to the book sector, where I have authored numerous books for children and tattoo enthusiasts. With over two decades of experience in tattooing industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge. In my dotwork tattoo courses, I’ll share my real client handling experiences while ensuring you acquire the right skills. Join my Tattoo workshop to learn basic to advanced tattooing based on your level.

Is this course a good fit for you?

Discover a new skill with me, regardless of your experience level. For just 30 euros or a better option, you can start exploring tattooing. This knowledge isn’t just for aspiring tattoo artists; it’s also valuable for understanding how tattooing works and ensuring your tattoo artist is skilled and safe.

In this dotwork tattoos course, it’s perfect for you. I’ve designed this tutorial with numerous assignments and opportunity sessions to deepen your understanding of this specific tattooing style. Moreover, I’m very user-friendly and provide appropriate content for easy comprehension of dotwork tattooing. Importantly, this course is for anyone; prior tattooing skills are not mandatory. You can purchase this course and start learning from the very beginning. Conversly, If you already have some knowledge about tattooing, you can further enhance your skills in areas such as Geometric tattooing, Blackwork tattooing, tattoo machine building, pattern tattooing, CorelDRAW, abstract tattooing, and more.

The course includes everything you need to begin dot work tattooing

  • Equipment and where to get it
  • Different needles (specific for dotwork)
  • Ink and colors
  • Hygiene & medical tips
  • Set up a workspace
  • Prepair a design & make a stencil
  • Tattoo placement
  • Basic of Dot tattooing
  • Outlines, filling & shading ( all with dotwork)
  • Real client and what to do
  • Aftercare

Who can benefit from this courses?

  • Explore dotwork tattoos
  • Suitable for tattoo beginners
  • Curious about dotwork tattoo ink
  • Enthusiastic tattoo art lovers
  • Tattoo artists interested in advanced dotwork tattooing


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