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Basic Tattoo Workshop

Embark on a comprehensive Beginner Tattoo Course to master the fundamental aspects of tattooing.

1 section • 17 lectures • 3h 54m

Beginner Tattoo Course / Learn the FULL basic of tattooing

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What Will You Learn?

  • Comprehensive tattooing basics
  • Transitioning drawing skills to tattooing
  • Guidance on essential equipment and sourcing
  • Emphasis on hygienic standards
  • Setup for workspace and machines
  • Understanding diverse needles and techniques
  • Client aftercare and care protocols

Course Content

1 section • 17 lectures • 3h 54m

  • 03:30
  • Equipment
  • Needles & Ink
  • Hygiene standarts & Crosscontamination Part-1
  • Hygiene standarts & Crosscontamination Part-2
  • Workspace set up & clean up Part-1
  • Workspace set up & clean up Part-2
  • Prepare design
  • Stencil
  • Placement
  • Working with a client
  • Tattoo Basics
  • Tattooing – Outlines
  • Tattooing – Filling
  • Tattooing – Shading
  • 15:43
  • Cleaning & Aftercare
  • Pricing
  • Thank you and Goodbye

About Course

This tattoo courses for beginners workshop is all about learn basic tattooing

In this tattoo courses for beginners workshop is fit for all level tattoo enthusiastic. Learn the very basic of tattoing and grow your skills with Tattoo-workshop25. If you’ve ever dreamt of tattooing or already started experimenting with a tattoo machine, this course is an ideal starting point. Unlike courses led by inexperienced ‘artists,’ I bring a wealth of experience from my time as a renowned tattoo artist. I’ve left a mark in the tattooing world, from pioneering my own style to creating record-breaking tattoo pieces and establishing one of the largest tattoo studios globally.

This course primarily focuses on the foundational aspects of tattooing, perfect for beginners. However, for those already familiar with the craft, I offer an ‘Advanced Tattoo Masterclass.’ Additionally, discover courses on traditional handpoking techniques, building tattoo machines, and explore various art courses showcasing my design methods and artistic inspirations.

When you finish the course, you’ll know how to set up and start tattooing

By demonstrating the setup and tattooing process using the cheapest internet-bought tattoo kit, this course guides you from understanding the fundamentals of a tattoo gun to our final assessment. As you finish, you’ll possess the skills to confidently set up your workspace, handle tattoo equipment, maintain hygiene standards, and execute basic tattooing techniques, empowering you to embark on your tattooing journey with safety and confidence.

Upon completion of our beginners’ tattoo course workshop, you’ll emerge with a comprehensive understanding of the art and technique of tattooing. Throughout the course, you’ll gain hands-on experience, learning the fundamentals from industry professionals. From mastering the use of tattoo equipment to understanding proper sterilization techniques, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to start your journey in the world of tattooing confidently. Our course emphasizes safety, creativity, and professionalism, ensuring you’re well-prepared to create stunning tattoos while adhering to industry standards. Join us and unleash your artistic potential in the dynamic world of tattoo artistry!

Why consider me to be your teacher?

My extensive work as a tattoo artist, featured in numerous global publications, including books and online magazines, has cemented my influence in the history and evolution of modern tattooing. You can explore my impact by searching ‘little swastika‘ on Google or visiting our homepage (psyland25), where you’ll find a wealth of magazine articles and additional information. This experience, combined with my role as a respected tattoo artist and educator, uniquely equips me to guide beginners in basic tattoo courses. Focused on creating simple yet striking tattoos, I bring expertise in equipment setup, usage, and hygiene standards, aiming to empower beginners to embark on their tattooing journey safely and skillfully.

Additionally, I am the owner of Psy25 Tattoo Shop and Tattoo-Procreate25 Brush Shop. I am also a filmmaker and an international author, writing books for children and tattoo enthusiasts alike. Join my Tattoo-Workshop 25 for courses ranging from basic to advanced tattooing, tailored to your skill level. With over 20 years of experience in tattooing and real client handling expertise, I am confident in my abilities. Enroll in my tattoo workshop course today and elevate your skills.

Is this tattoo courses for beginners workshop for you?

Absolutely no prior experience is necessary to begin learning this new skill with me. All it takes is a tattoo kit, priced at 25 euros or better, to kickstart your understanding of tattooing. This information isn’t just about learning—it’s a tool to grasp how tattooing functions and evaluate the safety and quality of your tattoo artist’s work. If you’re eager to dive into tattooing basics safely and confidently, this course is tailored for you, whether you’re an aspiring tattoo artist or simply curious. My emphasis on simple yet impactful tattoos makes it an excellent starting point. You’ll gain essential knowledge in equipment setup, hygiene, and the art of confident tattooing, preparing you for your journey in tattooing. This tattoo courses for beginners is suit for you. Join this tattoo course and learn the very basic of tattoo and make your own design tattooing.

Everything you need to know to start tattooing is included in this tattoo courses for beginners workshop lesson

  • Equipment procurement guidance
  • Understanding needle varieties
  • Ink and color selection
  • Hygiene and medical advice
  • Workspace setup essentials
  • Design preparation and stencil creation
  • Tattoo placement techniques
  • Fundamentals of tattooing
  • Outlining, filling, and shading techniques
  • Handling real clients and procedures
  • Post-tattoo care insights
  • Pricing strategies and client acquisition tips
  • Valuable advice and helpful tricks

Who can join the basic tattooing course

  • Aspiring tattoo artists
  • Beginners curious about tattooing
  • Individuals exploring tattoo basics
  • Artists keen on design and placement
  • Those into client interaction and aftercare
  • Entrepreneurs exploring tattoo business
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