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Abstract Motive Course

Abstract Tattoo Design with Motive Sketches

1 section • 10 lectures • 3h 20m

Create easy and fast Abstract Paintings and Tattoo designs. Designed by hand or Corel Draw.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Transform any Motive into a Abstract Sketch
  • Easy methods to design abstract Tattoo Designs
  • Some very basic design ideas to make your paintings better
  • Create fresh and interesting Tattoo designs with less affort
  • Tips and hacks from my 16 years experience as Tattoo Artist
  • Special tips for some advanced designing on Corel Draw
  • Basic Corel Draw skills when you a beginner

Course Content

1 section • 10 lectures • 3h 20m

  • 01:49
  • How to choose your motives
  • Prepair the Motive part-1
  • Prepair the Motive part-2
  • Make the outlines part-1
  • Make the outlines part-2
  • Make your own lines
  • 20:50
  • Corel Draw Basics part 1
  • Corel Draw Basics part 2
  • Layouting in Corel Draw part 1
  • Layouting in Corel Draw part 2
  • Fillings and backgrounds part-1
  • Fillings and backgrounds part-2
  • Fillings and background on paper
  • Special tips and hacks
  • Make 2 designs on the PC
  • 02:14

About Course

Join a abstract art tattoos online lesson program dedicated to making fantastic abstract art tattoo

In this abstract art tattoos course, I’ll guide you through the artistry of abstract tattoo design, revealing swift methods to turn any image into a captivating abstract masterpiece. You’ll explore diverse techniques, from handmade approaches to utilizing software like Corel Draw, ideal for crafting striking tattoo designs.

This course serves as your pathway to delve into abstract tattoos art, offering an easy-to-follow introduction for creating adaptable designs usable in graphic art, merchandise, selling tattoo designs, prints, and beyond. Unveil the timeless allure and unanticipated possibilities of abstract tattoo art beyond your initial expectations.

When this abstract art tattoos course concludes, you’ll grasp the basics of starting and establishing your own abstract tattooing.

In this course on abstract tattoos art, I’ll guide you through two distinct techniques. The first technique involves creating designs entirely by hand, requiring basic supplies like paper and pens. While a computer and printer for reference images would be beneficial. For those seeking more advanced tips using digital tools, I’ll utilize CorelDRAW X5. Whether you have an older or newer version, you can still explore the world of vector graphic design. 

The abstract tattoo art course provides practice files allowing you to learn by doing. To actively participate, it’s recommended to have a computer with CorelDRAW X5 or a newer version installed to access these files.

Additionally, included is a quick and straightforward CorelDRAW workshop session to familiarize you with the basics of the software.

  • Include also a fast and easy basic Corel Draw workshop collection.

What makes CorelDRAW and Vectors preferable over Pixels?

It gives you full control over your graphic design.

If you want a user-friendly tool that provides complete control over your graphic designing, CorelDRAW is perfect. With it, you can effortlessly create logos, business cards, flyers, patterns, tattoo designs, or whatever sparks your creativity. Professionals worldwide rely on CorelDRAW for promotional materials, thumbnails, web pages, and various designs.

What qualifies me to be your instructor in the abstract tattoo motive?

For over two decades, my freelance career has thrived, specializing in crafting logos, graphic designs, merchandise, and distinctive tattoo art. Renowned globally for my unique blend of tattooing, merging graphic design and abstract painting, I’ve garnered significant acclaim. Utilizing CorelDRAW, I exclusively craft digital art, prominently featured in international art exhibitions. While managing various brands, I’ve maintained complete creative control, designing for renowned global entities.

My extensive experience spans nearly 20 years as a full-time graphic designer and content creator. Beyond mastery of design tools, I intimately understand the entrepreneurial journey, having built my brands through the skills I now impart. This expertise ensures I deliver comprehensive and practical insights to effectively guide you in mastering abstract art tattoos and tattoo design techniques.

As a full-time graphic designer, content creator, and Artist for almost two decades, I possess not just expertise in program use and design but also the experience of establishing personal brands psy25 calligraphy art shop and psyland25 tattoo workshop. Using this very skills I impart tattooing image to all. Moreover, I am international awards winning filmmaker, authors and well know tattoo artists of German. Enroll my Tattoo-workshop25 tattoo courses.

Would this course work for you?

Embark on learning a new skill or program with me, where prior experience isn’t a requirement. Whether you’re familiar with hand painting or CorelDRAW, there’s room to enhance your skills. Despite not having formal graphic design education, my success in this field speaks volumes—just look up ‘little swastika’ to discover my achievements.

I’ll guide you through simple and effective techniques, both by hand and utilizing the program, to create stunning designs effortlessly. Additionally, I offer workshops on various topics within the program that might pique your interest. Join me in exploring the world of abstract tattoo art in an easy and uncomplicated manner.

This abstract art tattoos course will cover everything you need to know to to start working on your own abstract motive Designs, including

  • Quick and simple CorelDRAW basics workshop
  • Finding reference pictures effectively
  • Brainstorming and envisioning designs
  • Preparing reference images for easy proportion usage
  • Turning reference images into your unique line designs
  • Arranging and experimenting with designs
  • Developing abstract thinking and helpful learning tips
  • Hands-on tasks to practice
  • Downloadable files and images
  • Exploring various ways to fill and experiment with fillings
  • Generating background concepts
  • Advanced guidance for creative ‘Photoshop’ designs

Who Should Consider Taking this abstract tattoo motive Course?

  • Tattoo artists
  • Graphic designers, artists, or painters
  • Beginners interested in painting abstract art, even if it’s their first attempt
  • Individuals aiming to create marketable art or design tattoos
  • Artists seeking new and innovative methods for crafting sought-after designs in abstract painting
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