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Hand Poke Tattoo Tutorial

Hand Poke Tattoo explores the fundamentals of traditional hand tattooing rituals

1 section • 16 lectures • 4h 4m

Learn stick and poke tattooing from scratch / Fundamentals and traditional techniques to start

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding traditional hand-poked tattoos without machines
  • Exploring hand-poking and ritualistic techniques
  • Learning about equipment and where to find it
  • Maintaining hygienic standards and fundamentals
  • Setting up a workspace and machines for tattooing
  • Exploring various needles and techniques
  • Understanding aftercare and client care techniques

Course Content

1 section • 16 lectures • 4h 4m

  • 01:50
  • 09:55
  • Equipment & what you need
  • Needles and ink
  • Hygiene standarts & Crosscontamination part-1
  • Hygiene standarts & Crosscontamination part-2
  • Workspace set up & clean up Part-1
  • Workspace set up & clean up Part-2
  • What needles for what
  • Build handpoke tool Part-1
  • Build handpoke tool Part-2
  • Session & client
  • Design & stencil
  • Tattoo basic Part-1
  • Tattoo basic Part-2
  • Real client
  • Aftercare
  • Responsibility & legal documents & tattoo lies
  • Pricing
  • Thank you and godbye

About Course

This hand poked tattoos tutorial courses helps you to learn traditional tattoo with stick and poke needle technique

This traditional hand poke tattoo courses teaches the ancient art of hand poked tattoos. They’re made without machines, using the traditional stick and poke needle method. It’s a great way to start learning.

Unlike other courses taught by beginners, I have lots of experience in tattooing. Before becoming a filmmaker, I was a well-known tattoo artist globally. I created a unique tattoo style, made record-breaking pieces, and helped many artists become successful.

In this course, you’ll learn hand-poking and ritualistic tattooing. There are lessons on handpoking without machines, building tattoo machines, and art classes displaying my unique designs. Whether you’re new or skilled, my lessons cover everything, from basics to advanced techniques.

By the end of this hand poked tattoos tutorial, you will have a basic understanding of how to build traditional hand poke tattoo and start tattooing

After completing this hand-poked tattoo tutorial course, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of building hand tools and commencing tattooing using the stick and poke needle method. Moreover, you will be able to learn how to draw traditional hand poke tattoos with easy and efficient techniques. Most importantly, you will learn how to incorporate stick and poke needles into your tattoo designs. Nowadays, traditional tattooing is becoming increasingly popular among clients. Therefore, our modern tattoo artist Lily Lu will guide and assist you in satisfying your clients’ desires. Additionally, in her hand poke tutorial, you will have assignment sessions and opportunities for queries, enabling students to deepen their understanding of this tattooing method.

What makes me capable of teaching you traditional hand poke tattoo?

I’m well-equipped to instruct hand poked tattoos and stick and poke needle techniques owing to my extensive expertise in traditional tattooing methods. My contributions as a tattoo artist have been featured in numerous global publications, leaving a mark in tattoo history and significantly shaping the modern tattooing landscape. For more insights, you can search for me online as “Little Swastika” on Google or explore our homepage, “Psyland25” to access articles and additional information.  At my tattoo calligraphy shop, Psy25, you will find tattoo clothes, bags, caps, merchandise, tattoo ornaments, books, tattoo supplies, and much more to fulfill your tattoo fantasy. Moreover, if you are looking to advance in tattooing, you can visit my Tattoo-Procreate25 brushes tools shop and get access to over 1000 Procreate brushes to enhance your tattoo skills. On the other hand, I am an internationally award-winning filmmaker and digital content creator influencing tattoo society. Enroll Today.

Would this hand poke tattoo tutorial will be helpful to you?

This course equips you with practical skills in hand-poked tattoos and stick and poke needle techniques, regardless of your experience level. You can dive into learning a new skill with minimal investment—just a few affordable items available on platforms like eBay or Amazon. Moreover, this knowledge can serve as valuable insight into tattooing processes, ensuring safety and quality in the work of your tattoo artist. With over 20 years of experience in the tattooing field, enrolling in my hand poke tattoo tutorial will enhance your tattoo capabilities. I am here to assist you in becoming a professional tattoo artist in the realm of tattooing. If you are interested to learn beginner to advanced tattoo you can also join world class tattoo courses here at Tattoo workshop online.

In these stick and needle tattooing courses, you’ll receive all the essentials to begin traditional hand poked tattoo

  • Different tools
  • Equipment and where to get it
  • Different needles
  • Ink and colors
  • Hygiene & medical tips
  • Set up a workspace
  • Prepair a design & make a stencil
  • Tattoo placement
  • Basic of tattooing
  • Outlines, filling & shading
  • Real client and what to do
  • Aftercare
  • How to price the work and find clients
  • Tips and hacks

Who will benefit to learn traditional hand poke tattoo with stick and needle techniques?

  • Tattoo Enthusiasts
  • Tattoo Artists
  • Tattoo Art Designers
  • Individuals from Beginner to Advanced Levels
  • Skilled Tattoo Practitioners
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