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Geometric Pattern Masterclass

Explore a Vector Course specializing in Design Geometric Patterns for Tattoo and Psychedelic Art.

1 section • 10 lectures • 3h 32m

Start Design your Own Geometric Pattern Tattoo With Unique Modern Trends.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Creating Psychedelic SCRIPT patterns
  • Designing simple to complex patterns for art or tattoos
  • Transforming scripts into new creations
  • Exploring vector basics and advanced patterns
  • Learning advanced techniques in vector programs
  • Using creative tips in Corel Draw
  • Mastering essential tools and functions

Course Content

1 section • 10 lectures • 3h 32m

  • 02:30
  • 07:14
  • Basics Part-1
  • Basic Part-2
  • Do you understand the basic of vectors?
  • Cross pattern Part-1
  • Cross pattern Part-2
  • Partner assignment – Cross patterns
  • Cross patterns
  • 15:45
  • 10:15
  • Hexagon patterns
  • Parter assignment – Hexagon patterns
  • Hexagon patterns
  • Special tips and hacks Part-1
  • Special tips and hacks Part-2
  • Thank you

About Course

Learn all the details of making beautiful geometric pattern tattoo in this course

Welcome to my geometric pattern tattoo course, where I share the secrets behind crafting my renowned SCRIPT patterns from scratch. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned graphic designer, this course is tailored for you. While I work on Corel Draw, the techniques I teach are versatile and apply to most vector programs.

We’ll delve into the unique setup of unconventional script geometric tattoo patterns, breaking away from traditional rules. Having a basic understanding of patterns or prior experience from my ‘pattern workshop’ would be beneficial, but don’t worry—this course includes fundamental lessons to get you started.

This course serves as a solid foundation to create your own tattoo design patterns, stunning artworks, or vibrant graphics. You’ll gain access to my vector files, patterns, and everything we craft together.

Explore the world of simple art for various purposes—from graphic designs to merchandise, selling tattoo designs, prints, and more. Mandala and geometric art are timeless and versatile, offering more potential uses than you might imagine.

After completing the filler pattern tattoo course, you’ll know how to set up and start create your own patterns tattooing

Join me to explore the art of creating script patterns. From the basics of pattern design to vibrant, multilayered psychedelic designs, I’ll share various techniques I use. I categorize patterns into two types: those based on straight lines and those on crosses. We’ll dive deep into both, walking through my step-by-step process and the tools I use to craft these intricate patterns. This geometric pattern tattoo course Also, include a quick and straightforward Corel Draw workshop session.

After completing the geometric pattern tattoo course, you will gain a deep understanding of various geometric patterns and how to effectively incorporate them into tattoo designs. Additionally, you will develop skills in designing tattoos in a unique and efficient manner, ensuring that your creations stand out. This course equips you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to create stunning pattern tattoo that showcase your creativity and expertise in the art of tattooing.

Choosing Corel Draw and Vectors, Explaining the Advantages Over Pixels

Gain Full Design Control with Geometric Tattoo Patterns

Discover a user-friendly software that puts you in charge of your graphic design endeavors. With Corel DRAW, unleash your creativity—design logos, business cards, flyers, and mesmerizing geometric tattoo patterns. This versatile tool is favored by professionals globally for various designs, from promotional materials to webpage creation.

Why am I the right person to teach you about patterns geometric tattoo?

For over 20 years, I’ve thrived as a freelance artist, crafting Logos, Graphic designs, Merch designs, and renowned Tattoo artwork. My distinct Tattoo style, a fusion of Graphic design and abstract painting, has gained global recognition. I’ve showcased my Digital art worldwide, exclusively created on Corel Draw. Managing multiple brands, I’ve always retained control over my graphics, creating designs for various international brands.

As a full-time graphic designer, content creator, and artist for nearly two decades, I not only understand the tools and design techniques but also the journey of self-employment and brand building, sharing these skills in my Tattoo-workshop25. So, enroll to my geometric pattern tattooing online course to boost you tattooing skills.

My expert knowledge of tattooing including procreate tattoo brushes. I am international awrds winning filmmaker, author, and well know German tattoo artist owner of psyland25 and psy25 tattoo shop.

Does tattoo geometric patterns learning course match your needs?

Start Learning Geometric Tattoo Patterns from Scratch!

No prior experience needed—join me in exploring a new skill or program. Even if you’re familiar with graphic design or Corel Draw, there’s always more to learn. I never formally studied graphic design, yet found immense success in it. A quick search for ‘little swastika’ (where ‘swastika’ refers to the Buddhist symbol of luck and Buddha) will reveal more about me.

Discover my simple yet effective tricks—both manual and within the program—to create stunning designs effortlessly. Dive into various workshops covering different program topics if you’re keen! 

Furthermore, I invite you to visit my Lily-Lu page to learn more about me. The geometric pattern tattoo filler course I offer is incredibly beneficial for designing in a unique and efficient manner. Through this course, you’ll gain valuable skills to create distinctive tattoo designs. Additionally, consider joining my masterclass where you’ll learn how to craft your own pattern tattoos, allowing you to express your creativity in new and exciting ways.


Everything necessary to begin tattooing is in this geometric pattern tattoo course. This will include all

  • Quick and Simple Corel Draw Starter Workshop
  • Planning and Sketching My Script Patterns
  • Understanding the Foundation Lines: Calculation and Insight
  • Exploring Varied Pattern Shapes
  • Fundamentals of Layout and Planning in Pattern Design
  • Enhancing Patterns: Detailing and Experimenting with Outlines
  • Creating Vibrant Patterns with Colors
  • Diverse Shading and Filling Techniques for Patterns
  • Playing with Colors and Contours: Creative Approaches
  • Exclusive Insights and Expert Hints
  • Hands-On Learning Visual Samples and Interactive Tasks
  • Workshop Creations Available for Download

Who should consider enrolling in this filler pattern course?

  • Graphic Designers, Entrepreneurs, and Tattoo Artists
  • Those familiar with CorelDRAW but seeking to refine their graphic design skills
  • Individuals aiming to utilize Corel Draw for crafting tattoo designs and patterns
  • Entrepreneurs looking to save costs or generate additional income
  • Content Creators and Social Media Enthusiasts seeking design proficiency”
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Well explain course.
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