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Tattoo Machine Building Masterclass

Customizing and Rebuilding Tattoo Machines Gun

1 section • 18 lectures • 5h 7m

Understand your TOOLS and become a better Tattoo Artist / for maximum performance

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Categories: tattoo, Tattoo Art
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What Will You Learn?

  • How to pimp a tattoo machine
  • Get the maximum performance out of your machine
  • Full depth explenation of the tattoo gun
  • I explane every part and show you how and why you need to change it
  • With cheap and simple little things you will change a lot
  • How to set a machine and what are the most importend parts to focus on
  • Make your machine look good

Course Content

1 section • 18 lectures • 5h 7m

  • 02:26
  • 24:54
  • How a machine works
  • Draft Lesson
  • Frame Part-1
  • Frame Part-2
  • Coils Part-1
  • Coils Part-2
  • Capacitor
  • Cinch
  • Putting the machine together
  • Welding capacitor
  • Building Contact screw together
  • Leveling the coils Part-1
  • Leveling the coils Part-2
  • Springs & armature bar Part-1
  • Springs & armature bar Part-2
  • Final springs
  • Contact screw
  • Finalizing the machine
  • Extra tips
  • Thank you and Goodbye

About Course

Join an online Tattoo Machine Build course that focuses on teaching how to building tattoo machine

Attention tattoo artists! Your tattoo machine isn’t just a tool—it’s the key to unlocking your art’s potential. This tattoo machine build course will cover everthing to Understanding its construction and customization can take your skills to the next level. Forget expensive brands; learn how to build tattoo machine or upgrade your tattoo machines inexpensively. I’ll reveal the secrets to turning budget-friendly tattoo machines into top performers, right from online finds.

And guess what? This isn’t your average course. I’m a retired but globally acclaimed tattoo artist. I’ve left my mark on the industry, setting records and establishing massive tattoo studios. I’ve mentored artists who’ve soared to international fame. Join me to master the art of tattoo machine building course and unleash your artistic power.

Hey, tattoo artists seeking improvement! Your tattoo machine holds immense power in enhancing your art. You don’t have to break the bank on famous brands. I’ll show you how to transform affordable machines into incredible ones, boosting your artwork.

I’m not just any instructor. I’ve walked the path—I’m a former renowned tattoo artist who shaped the industry. I’ve helped others rise to fame. Join me and let’s make you a pro at building tattoo machines. It’s time to amplify your artistic flair!

At the end of the tattoo machine build course, you’ll learn how to build tattoo machines, boosting your tattooing skills.

After nearly 20 years in tattooing, I’ve developed numerous techniques and skills, earning recognition for creating large tattoos in record time. My secret? Mastering tattoo machine building. It’s the most crucial skill I imparted to all my students before they even touched ink. Join me to unlock the power of crafting your own tattoo machines.

At the end of the tattoo machine build course, you will have gained comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in assembling and fine-tuning a tattoo machine. You’ll understand the components, functions, and maintenance procedures involved in building a tattoo machine from scratch. Additionally, you’ll have the skills to troubleshoot and adjust the machine to ensure optimal performance. Ultimately, you’ll leave the course with the confidence and ability to create and customize tattoo machines tailored to your specific preferences and needs.

What qualifies me to teach you?

The technique of building tattoo machines has been a game-changer in my tattooing journey. My art has been showcased in countless global publications, making its mark in tattoo history and influencing the modern tattoo scene. To get a glimpse, search ‘little swastika‘ on Google. For more articles and info, check out our homepage, Psyland25.

For over 20 years, I’ve been immersed in the tattooing community. I’m also an internationally award-winning filmmaker and a world-renowned author. I write books for children as well as for tattoo enthusiasts. Additionally, I own a tattoo shop called Psy25 and an ecommerce shop named Tattoo-procreate25.

If you’re looking to enhance your tattooing skills, you can purchase over 1000 procreate brush tools from my Tattoo-procreate25 shop. At Tattoo-workshop25, you’ll not only find basic tattoo courses but also advanced techniques including dotwork tattooing, blackwork, mandala tattoo, body suspension, script pattern tattoo, and more. Join me to become a master of tattooing and learn how to build your own tattoo machine.

Is this tattoo machine build course right for you?

Are you a tattoo artist aiming to improve? This course about building tattoo machines is tailored for you. Gain comprehensive knowledge about your machines, seize control, and elevate your artistic skills by mastering the craft of building them.

If you already have a little experience using a tattoo machine gun, that would be very beneficial. In this tattoo machine building course, I’ve organized numerous assignment sessions. Therefore, if you have a good understanding of tattooing and tattoo machines, you’ll be able to delve deeper into functional details such as repairing tattoo machine guns and understanding their operation. Most importantly, you’ll be able to construct your own tattoo machine, enhancing your tattooing abilities and creating designs tailored to your preferences. Join my Tattoo Machine Building course and elevate your skills.

This online course covers basics and advanced techniques for building tattoo machines, enhancing your tattooing skills.

  • How the machine work
  • Frame
  • Coils and what you need to know about
  • Capacitors & how they effect the speed
  • springs & the bar
  • rca VS clipcord
  • take a machine apart and put it back together (better)
  • Welding better cables and conections
  • Perfect symetry of a machine and why its importend
  • Tips and hacks

Who this course suits

  • Tattoo enthusiasts
  • Individuals eager to learn about tattoo machine construction
  • Tattoo artists and aspiring tattoo artists
  • Those aiming to build and improve tattoo machines
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