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Mandala Tattoo Learning Courses

Craft mesmerizing semi-automatic handmade mandalas at the MASSTERCLASS – your artistic journey awaits.

1 section • 13 lectures • 2h 59m

Create easy and fast Geometric Art and Tattoo designs. Designed by hand or Corel Draw.

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Categories: tattoo, Tattoo Art
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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn to create beautiful mandala tattoo, painting, or tattoos.
  • Develop quick semi-handmade templates for geometric mandalas.
  • Draw mandalas by hand for relaxation and artistic expression.
  • Combine hand-drawn elements with computer skills for perfecting designs.
  • Master the basics to create precise geometric mandalas.
  • Learn innovative methods for unique mandala designs.
  • Experiment with various fillings and techniques.
  • Elevate designs with advanced vectorization and digital techniques.

Course Content

1 section • 13 lectures • 2h 59m

  • 03:04
  • Calculation & explenation
  • 15:45
  • Mandala ‘base’
  • Mandala outlines
  • Mandala ‘details’
  • Mandala detailed outlines
  • Basic of Corel Draw part-1
  • Basic of Corel Draw part-2
  • Semi Automatic in Corel Draw
  • Make your first Mandala on Corel Draw
  • Filling & colors
  • Semi Automatic Color Mandalas
  • make the flowers round
  • Vectorize Mandalas
  • Tips and hacks
  • Watch me making a few Mandalas
  • Thank you

About Course

Mandala tattoo learning courses is all about getting really good at making Mandala flower floral Tattoos.

Welcome to mandala tattoo learn courses at my Tattoo-workshop25 world class tattoo courses platform. Come learn with me in this course where I’ll show you easy ways to make beautiful handmade flowers and detailed geometric mandalas and mandala tattoo. It’s made for people who want to turn these designs into awesome tattoos. We’ll cover different ways to create them, whether by hand or using programs like Corel Draw.

This course is perfect if you want to start making simple art that you can use in lots of ways. You can use it for graphics, merch, selling tattoo designs, prints, and more. Mandala tattoo and geometric art are classic and modern, and they’re more useful than you might think! Join my Tattoo-workshop25 online mandala tattoo courses and become a professional tattoo ink master, satisfying your clients. Here, you’ll gain real client experience with our tattoo teacher, Lily-lu. She’s not just a tattoo teacher but also a filmmaker, author, modern tattoo artist, and digital content creator.

By the course’s end, you’ll know how to make your own mandala tattoo and geometric flowers

In this course, I’ll teach you two techniques. The first is entirely manual, using just paper and pens. For a semi-automatic method on the computer, I use CorelDRAW X5. You can still join in with older or newer versions, learning vector graphic designing along the way. Practice files are provided for hands-on learning. To follow along effectively, having Corel Draw X5 or a newer version installed on your computer is recommended.

Additionally, there’s a quick and straightforward Corel Draw workshop included. In this mandala tattoo course you will able to learn how to create your own mandala floral tattooing. 

Additionally, if you are looking to enhance your tattooing skills, you can join my courses on dotwork tattoo, geometric tattooing, freehand big stencils tattoo, and hand poked tattoos, script pattern tattoo , blackwork tatoo style courses and many more. These courses cover basic to advanced techniques. I believe you will find something valuable with me. Moreover, you will receive certification in script pattern tattooing courses. Enjoy my masterclass on tattooing.

What’s the advantage of Corel Draw and Vectors over Pixels?

Take charge of your graphic designs with this software. If you’re seeking a user-friendly tool to craft logos, business cards, flyers, patterns, and even tattoo designs, Corel DRAW is your go-to choice. Renowned globally among professionals, it’s relied upon for diverse designs, spanning promotions, webpages, and beyond.

What makes me a good teacher to teach you mandala tattoo?

I’ve excelled as an independent artist for twenty years, specializing in crafting logos, graphic designs, merchandise layouts, and tattoo designs. My focus is on digital art and tattooing, where my distinct style blending graphic design and abstract painting has gained global recognition. Juggling multiple brands, I’ve maintained complete control over my graphics, relying on Corel Draw for my digital artworks displayed in international exhibitions. Additionally, I’ve made substantial contributions to the graphic designs of numerous global brands.

With nearly two decades as a full-time graphic designer, content creator, and artist, I bring hands-on experience to my teaching. I don’t just comprehend software and design—I’ve leveraged these skills to establish and grow my own brands psyland25. Additionally, I am the owner of psy25 tattoo shop, where you can find tattoo calligraffiti designs, t-shirts, hoodies, tattoo supplies, and Tibetan art books. If you’re in search of Procreate brush tattoos, you can explore my Tattoo-procreate25 brush shop, offering a bundle of over 1000 Procreate brushes. Furthermore, I am a filmmaker, author, and content creator. Join my online mandala tattoo courses to learn the latest floral tattoo techniques and master your tattooing skills.

Is this Mandala Tattoo course suitable for you?

You don’t need any experience to start learning mandala tattoo with me. Whether you’re new or have some knowledge in hand painting or Corel Draw, I’ll help you learn more. Even without formal study, I’ve found success in graphic design—search for ‘little swastika‘ to learn about my work.

I’ll teach you simple tricks, both by hand and using the program, to create beautiful designs easily. If you’re interested, I also offer workshops on different program topics. Most importantly, you will find my mandala tattoo lession very popular among my student. Here you will get clear understanding how to build mandala floral tattoo and geometric pattern tattoo. Is course is suitable for you just 25 Euro. Join my Tattoo-workshop25 online tattoo learning lesson courses and be an expert on the tattooing field.

You’ll find everything you need to start learning mandala tattooing in this course

  •  Quick and straightforward Corel Draw workshop session
  •  Planning and rough designing of mandalas
  •  Calculating leaves and foundational understanding
  •  Various flower shapes exploration
  •  Layout and groundwork planning
  •  Adding intricate details and leaf splitting techniques
  •  Semi-automatic flower creation
  • Complete handmade flower crafting
  •  Diverse flower coloring methods
  •  Specialized tips and tricks
  •  Visual examples and hands-on assignments
  •  Workshop materials are available for download
  •  EXTRA: Observing my creation process for upcoming book flowers

Mandala tattoo courses are for whom?

  •  Aspiring tattoo artists keen on refining floral mandala tattoo techniques
  • Those in graphic design, art, or painting intrigued by exploring geometric mandala tattoo painting
  • Beginners intrigued by painting geometric mandala tattoo or crafting art, including tattoo designs for sale
  • Artists eager to discover innovative approaches to crafting their personal mandala designs
  • Tattoo enthusiasts who want to learn how to draw mandala tattoos.
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