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Freehand Big Tattoo Stencils Course

Elevate your artistry with big tattoos using freehand painting and large stencils

1 section • 9 lectures • 2h 3m

Learn How to Plan, Design and Transfer Big Tattoo Designs on the Body

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What Will You Learn?

  • Freehand tattoo marker use and essential equipment.
  • Techniques for large-scale freehand tattooing.
  • Understanding design transfer methods.
  • Significance of detailed art with markers.
  • Layout and tattoo placement considerations.
  • Step-by-step stencil creation guidance.
  • Factors for optimal tattoo positioning.

Course Content

1 section • 9 lectures • 2h 3m

About Course

Take a class that teaches you everything about creating freehand tattoo stencils

Discover the art of making huge tattoos with our Freehand Tattoo Mastery course. We made it for experienced tattoo artists and those who love creating massive designs. I’ll show you how to make big tattoos by sharing secrets about planning and drawing on the body. You’ll learn how to use freehand techniques and create large stencils accurately.

Ever thought about making really big tattoos? This course is perfect for starting that journey, whether you want body suits, backpieces, or other large designs.

This course isn’t taught by someone new to tattooing. I used to be a famous tattoo artist before becoming a filmmaker. I created my own tattoo style, set records with my work, had an incredible tattoo studio psyland25, and taught some amazing artists who became famous too. With my vast tattooing experience I am capable of teach you  how to handle clients on real projects.

By the end of the stencils course, you’ll know the basics of making big freehand tattoo stencils

This course is for experienced tattoo artists who are ready for big projects. It’s advanced and not for beginners. To create large tattoos, you need skills beyond painting and stenciling—it’s a detailed process.

Join this advanced course exclusively for experienced tattoo artists. It’s not for beginners; you should already have the skills required for larger projects. Making freehand big tattoos requires more than just painting and stenciling.When you finish this big stencil tattoo course, you will have a clear understanding of how to do smart tattooing. This course will be suitable for you.

Why should you trust me as your teacher to learn stencils tattooing?

I’m an expert in teaching freehand tattooing, especially in creating large-scale designs and big tattoo stencils. My knowledge of using freehand tattoo markers ensures precise techniques for these significant stencils.

As a skilled instructor, I specialize in creating freehand big tattoo stencils. I excel at drawing tattoos without a stencil, particularly large ones, using freehand tattoo markers. I can teach you how to do freehand tattooing precisely.

My work as a tattoo artist has been featured in numerous global publications. I’ve left my mark in tattoo history and significantly influenced the modern tattoo world. Search for me online as “Little Swastika” to discover more about my work. You can also explore our homepage, “Psyland25” to find articles and additional information. At my Psy25 tattoo shop, you will find tattoo stuffs. Visit my Tattoo-Procreate25 brushes procreate to enhance your tattooing skills. Join My Tattoo-workshop25 online courses.

Is this big tattoo stencils course something you need?

I’m a great teacher for those interested in learning freehand tattoo, creating big tattoo stencils. You don’t require any prior experience to start learning alongside me. All you need is a tattoo kit, even a budget-friendly one for 35 euros or something better. This journey helps you learn about tattooing and make sure your tattoo artist does a safe, great job.

I am well-qualified to teach you how to create freehand large tattoos and satisfy your clients’ desires. In my tattoo course, you’ll have access to assignment sessions and opportunities for inquiries to deepen your understanding of freehand tattooing. Besides being a skilled tattoo teacher, I am also an internationally award-winning filmmaker and digital content creator. Join my freehand large tattoo stencil course to learn modern tattooing. If you want to improve other tattooing skills, you can join my beginner to advanced diverse tattooing courses at my Tattoo workshop.

In this big freehand tattoo courses, you’ll get all you need to start  tattooing

  • Find freehand tattoo markers and necessary equipment.
  • Learn methods for large-scale freehand tattooing.
  • Understand how they transfer designs.
  • Know their importance in detailed art.
  • Consider layout and where to place tattoos.
  • Step-by-step creation guidance.
  • Factors for the best tattoo positioning.

For whom this course is intended

  • Tattoo Artist
  • Tattoo
  • Experienced tattoo art lover
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