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Body Suspension Workshop

Discover the art of body suspension using flesh hooks for an immersive experience

01 Section 26 Lectures 04h 30m

Spiritual healing ritual and how to guide the experience.

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Categories: Body suspension
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What Will You Learn?

  • The origins and history of body suspension
  • Grasp the significance of flesh hook suspensions.
  • Learn emotional support and safety skills.
  • Master hook use, rigging, and safe practices.
  • Gain from an experienced instructor's wisdom.
  • Explore human potential in body and mind.
  • Tailored for experienced individuals in suspension.

Course Content

01 Section 26 Lectures 04h 30m

  • 04:02
  • History
  • Reasons to do it
  • Equipment
  • Hooks
  • Needles
  • Pulley system
  • Different forms of suspension
  • positions
  • Rigging
  • knots
  • Hygiene and safety Part-1
  • Hygiene and safety Part-2
  • Hook placement
  • How to pierce hooks
  • Legal documents, alcohol and drugs, responsibility
  • Pricing
  • Thank you and Good Bye
  • How to guide people
  • Ritual vs piercing
  • After suspension
  • After Care
  • Risks and Safety
  • why i love it
  • First time suspension
  • Suspension talk
  • Thank you & good bye

About Course

This body suspension course helps you learn the details of ritual flesh hook suspension

Body suspension, also known as hook suspension or flesh hook suspension, is a unique and captivating practice that involves using specialized hooks to suspend the human body from various anchor points. It’s an art form, a ritual, and a method to push physical and mental boundaries, captivating the interest of enthusiasts globally.

Online courses dedicated to body suspension provide a comprehensive exploration of this practice, encompassing safety protocols, equipment selection, precise hook placement techniques, and meticulous aftercare guidance. These courses cater to individuals across different proficiency levels, from beginners seeking foundational knowledge to advanced practitioners aiming to refine their skills.

The curriculum of these courses often comprises diverse learning materials such as video tutorials, informative written guides, live demonstrations, and interactive forums for discussions. Safety remains paramount throughout the training, with instructors emphasizing proper techniques, hygiene practices, and addressing the emotional aspects associated with body suspension.

The online platform extends accessibility to a broad audience, enabling individuals to learn from seasoned practitioners worldwide. However, considering the inherent risks, participants are urged to follow instructions meticulously and, ideally, seek supervision or guidance from experienced professionals during their actual suspensions.

Approaching body suspension with respect, understanding, and a dedication to safety and education is paramount. These online courses serve as invaluable resources, offering profound insights into an unconventional art form that challenges conventional perceptions of the body and its physical limitations.

All you need to know about hook suspension

The transformative ritual of flesh hook suspension holds immense power. It can deeply impact someone’s life, and as a practitioner, you play a pivotal role in this experience. Beyond the technical and medical aspects, I’ll guide you through every facet. This includes delving into the ritual’s emotional depth and aiding and positively influencing those you suspend. We’ll explore diverse hooks, rigging methods, pulley systems, precise placement, and safety measures essential for a secure ritual.

Why am I qualified to teach you about body suspension hooks?

For nearly two decades, I’ve immersed myself in body suspension—performing hundreds and guiding countless others through this practice. I’ve earned recognition in the world of body modification for pushing the boundaries of these rituals and showcasing the incredible potential of the human body and mind. My passion for body suspension is unwavering, and I’m driven solely by the desire to share knowledge with anyone interested in exploring this art.

My journey in learning was self-driven, marked by numerous mistakes and pivotal lessons. I understand the significance of that first suspension, striving to ensure the best experience for both yourself and those involved.

If you already have some experience with body suspension and seek to learn how to do it yourself or suspend others, this course is tailored perfectly for you. I cover the fundamental aspects of this beautiful ritual. With my extensive experience, ranging from technicalities to emotional support, I’ll guide you through hook selection, safety measures, and the deeper significance of the ritual. I’m well-versed in both the physical techniques and the emotional elements, enabling me to teach this art form effectively. On the other hand, I am tattoo artist, filmmaker, author, German rocreate artist. Additionally, I am also owner of calligraffiti shop psy25 as well as tattoo course teacher of Tattoo-workshop25. All those experties also makes me mor confidence.

Is this course something you should take?

If you’re interested in flesh suspension and want to learn more, this course is perfect for you. Whether you’re new to it or already curious, it covers everything from the basics to the deeper emotional and technical parts. With my help, based on lots of experience, you’ll really understand body suspension. It’s a safe and fascinating journey into this unique art form.

This course is particularly special for those interested in exploring body hook suspension. The suspension course will provide the art of the body and technical aspects. If you are fascinated with tattooing, you may also want to check out my tattoo workshop. We offer basic to advanced tattoo courses, including mandala tattoo, freehand big stencils tattoo, dotwork tattoo, blackwork tattoo style, script pattern tattoo, hand poked tattoos, and many more.

Join my body flesh hook suspension course and experience a fantasy with a new technique.

This course will teach you what you need to become a professional

  • The origins and history of body suspension
  • Understanding the fundamentals of body suspension
  • Exploring the emotional and technical aspects involved
  • Guidance on selecting appropriate hooks and safety measures
  • Learning from the instructor’s extensive experience
  • Ensuring a safe and meaningful exploration of this unconventional art form

This online courses will explore body suspension techniques in details

  • Understanding the medical and technical aspects of body suspension
  • Creating body suspensions while exploring their historical context
  • Identifying different hooks and needles used in the process
  • Implementing proper hook selection and safety protocols
  • Navigating ritual aftercare procedures for a secure exploration
  • Guiding through emotional and technical aspects for a meaningful exploration

Who should take the course?

  • Anyone interested in rituals
  • Those curious about body suspension
  • Individuals exploring its emotional and technical aspects
  • Anyone interested in safety and hook selection
  • Those seeking guidance and support in their exploration
  • People pursuing a meaningful journey into this art form
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Student Ratings & Reviews

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4 months ago
I really enjoyed it especially the part of other people experiences and sharing it. Also found very useful to know about all the equipment and how to use it. Really like the way you led the course in videos, felt your professionality from it in every word and TRUST which is the most important from my point of view.
I experienced body hook suspension once as a ritual and it was unique and healed me from what I was going through before my suspension. I could feel a joy of life again.
Hope we can meet one day and be happy to be suspended by you.
All the best, luck and LOVE
7 months ago

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