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Blackwork Tattoo Workshop

Unlock the secrets of Blackwork Tattoo in a Basic + Advanced Workshop with Heavy Black Ink

1 section • 17 lectures • 4h 23m

Learn tattooing from scratch / Heavy Black + Geometric Pattern

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What Will You Learn?

  • Complete fundamentals of tattooing.
  • Mastery of all Blackwork tattoo techniques.
  • Transitioning from drawing to tattooing.
  • Essential equipment and where to find it.
  • Hygiene standards and basics.
  • Workspace setup, machine preparation, and readiness.
  • Varied needles and techniques.
  • Client aftercare guidance.
  • Exclusive tips and hacks for Blackwork Tattoos.

Course Content

1 section • 17 lectures • 4h 23m

  • 03:45
  • 34:26
  • Needles and Ink
  • Hygiene
  • Workspace Set-up
  • Work with a Client
  • Prepair the Design
  • Stencil Making
  • Placement
  • Basic Tattooing
  • Outlines
  • Shading
  • Filling
  • Extra from other Artist
  • Touch Up + Cover Up
  • Cleaning + Aftercare
  • Outro

About Course

Learn everything about making Blackwork Tattoos in this complete course

Learn everything about Blackwork tattoo style & blackwork tattoo ideas, whether you’re starting fresh or looking to level up your skills. This black work tattoo courses covers it all—from basics to advanced techniques, making it perfect for beginners and experienced artists alike. Ever wanted to create your own blackwork tattoo style? This course is your perfect entry point. Taught by a former globally renowned tattoo artist turned filmmaker, you’ll benefit from expertise that includes pioneering new tattoo styles, setting world records, and mentoring successful tattoo artists.

Blackwork tattoo style is all about using bold black ink to create cool and strong designs on the skin. Instead of lots of colors, these tattoos use solid black shapes and spaces to make really eye-catching patterns. They might have cool shapes like lines, dots, or geometric designs. People love these tattoos because they look powerful and timeless, giving a really strong and simple look.

This shorter version shows that both beginners and experts are welcome in the course, and it talks about how the instructor knows a lot about tattoos.

By the end of blackwork tattoo style courses, you’ll know the basics of starting to blackwork tattoo

This blackwork tattoo course isn’t a replacement for the ‘Beginner Tattoo Course,’ but it’s your complete guide to kickstarting Blackwork tattooing. From setting up your machine and workplace to essential tattooing basics, get ready for a comprehensive foundation.

For tattoo artists who is seeking for advanced black work tattooing course, we’ve organized the lessons so you can skip the basic stuff and jump straight into learning everything about Blackwork tattoos, making it quick and easy for you to master this style.

Additionally, if you are looking to enhance your tattooing skills, you can join my courses on dotwork tattoo, geometric tattooing, mandala tattoo, freehand big stencils tattoo, and hand poked tattoos. These courses cover basic to advanced techniques. I believe you will find something valuable with me. Moreover, you will receive certification in script pattern tattooing courses. Enjoy my masterclass on tattooing.

Why should you learn from me about blackwork tattooing courses?

Discover the world of Black work tattoos and the special Blackwork style through my years of experience in tattooing. My work as a tattoo artist has been in many books, magazines, and online places worldwide, making me part of tattoo history. 

Moreover, I’ve made significant contributions to modern tattooing. You can learn more about me by searching for ‘Little Swastika‘ on Google or by visiting our homepage, Psyland25, which features numerous articles and information about my tattooing journey. Let’s explore the amazing world of blackwork tattoos and the cool blackwork style together! With over 20 years of experience in tattooing, I am also the owner of Psy25 Tattoo Shop. Additionally, if you require tattoo brush tools to enhance your tattooing, you can visit Tattoo-Procreate25. For more information about me, you can browse the Lily-Lu page. Furthermore, I am a filmmaker and author who has written for the tattooing community.

Does this Blackwork tattoo style courses suit you?

Absolutely no experience required to begin learning a new skill in Black work tattooing and the distinctive Blackwork tattoo style with me. All it takes is a tattoo kit for 30 euros or an even better option. This can also serve as a valuable resource to understand tattooing better and ensure your ‘tattoo artist’ is doing a safe and excellent job.

These online blackwork tattoo style courses will assist you in designing new tattoos and generating fresh blackwork tattoo ideas. Additionally, this blackwork tattoo course is fully equipped with numerous assignment segments that enable you to freely consult with our tattoo instructor, Lily Lu. If you have any queries or doubts, you can place them through our platform. In this manner, this blackwork tattoo style course will benefit you in various ways. Therefore, enroll in my tattoo workshop courses based on your level of experience.

These blackwork tattoo style & blackwork tattoo idea courses are designed for beginners to advanced levels, making them suitable for anyone interested in learning.

In this black work tattoo style & ideas courses, you’ll learn all you need to start tattooing of blackwork

  • Equipment and where to get it
  • Different needles (specific for heavy Blackwork)
  • Ink and colors
  • Hygiene & medical tips
  • Set up a workspace
  • Prepair a design & make a stencil
  • Tattoo placement
  • Basic of Black tattooing
  • Outlines, filling & shading
  • Real client and what to do
  • Aftercare

Who should take this course?

  • Aspiring Tattoo Artists
  • Tattoo enthusiasts
  • Learn about Black work tattoos and the Blackwork style
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