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Advanced Tattoo Artist Workshop

Take your tattoo skills to the next level with our exclusive Advanced Masterclass for artists

1 section • 15 lectures • 3h 26m

BIGGER – FASTER – BETTER / Step up your tattooing

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What Will You Learn?

  • Tips and Hacks from my experience
  • Big needles & blackwork
  • Body anatomy and the placement of big pieces
  • Freehand tips and how to make realy big stencils
  • How to be faster
  • Aftercare tips, priceing
  • How to guide clients in big sesions
  • How to find clients for big sesions

Course Content

1 section • 15 lectures • 3h 26m

  • 01:36
  • 24:46
  • Big needles
  • Black work part-1
  • Black work part-2
  • Colors blending & shading
  • Body anatomy
  • Freehand
  • Big stencil
  • Speed and time
  • How to guide a client
  • How to find clients for big work
  • Aftercare
  • Price
  • Other workshops
  • Thank you and good bye

About Course

This full Tattoo Pro Workshop course is dedicated to advanced tattoo artists

The Tattoo Pro Workshop is an exclusive program designed for experienced tattoo artists aiming to enhance their skills. This specialized workshop dives into advanced techniques such as design, shading, and understanding skin intricately. Artists explore diverse skin tones, refine portraiture, and experiment with styles like realism, surrealism, or abstract art. Alongside artistry, the workshop emphasizes safety, hygiene, and professional client handling. Moreover, it delves into the business side—covering marketing, client retention, and efficient studio management. Tailored to empower established artists, this workshop draws from the invaluable experience of a globally renowned former tattoo artist who transformed the industry and mentored iconic tattoo artists.

In this course, you’ll learn the tips and tricks from the Advanced Tattoo Pro Workshop that helped me become a globally recognized tattoo artist

With nearly two decades in the advanced Tattoo industry, I’ve refined unique techniques, gaining acclaim for crafting large-scale tattoos in remarkably short periods of time. Today, I’ll unveil the secrets behind my approach, providing insights into client management, navigating extensive sessions, and offering unwavering support. This theoretical course, exclusively offered through the Tattoo Pro Workshop, delves deep into my methods and experiences, focusing on advanced tattooing techniques.

Join me in this advanced tattoo workshop where I’ll share my journey, revealing the tips, tricks, and workflows that propelled my success. Learn how to effectively support and guide clients during extensive sessions. This theoretical course offers a treasure trove of insider knowledge, focusing on advanced techniques that defined my career. Explore this innovative world and elevate your skills with me at the Tattoo Pro Workshop.

How am I qualified to guide you on my advanced tattoo workshop course?

My qualifications to teach stem from my extensive two-decade immersion in the tattooing industry. Over this period, I’ve innovated techniques enabling swift and intricate work on large-scale pieces, reflected in my publications across numerous global books, magazines, and online platforms. Renowned as ‘Little Swastika,’ I’ve etched my name in tattoo history, significantly influencing the modern tattoo world. As a mentor, I’m committed to sharing insights and methodologies, a commitment evident through platforms like the Tattoo Pro Workshop.

My dedication to refining and advancing tattooing techniques solidifies my role as a credible educator in this realm. Visit ‘Psyland25,’ our homepage, for a glimpse into my published works and additional information. My work as tattoo artist has been published in hundreds of books, magazines, and online publications around the world. I made my way into the history books of tattooing and progressed and influenced the modern tattoo world. Make yourself a picture and find me on Google (little swastika). On our homepage (psyland25)  you can also find many of the magazine articles and other information about me.I am also the owner of Psy25 Tattoo Shop and creator of the Procreate brush tool called Tattoo-Procreate25. If you have some experience, consider joining my Tattoo-workshop25 course, which caters to both beginner and advanced tattoo artists

Who would find this advanced pro tattoo course useful?

This advanced tattoo workshop, known as the Tattoo Pro Workshop, could be exactly what you’re seeking if you’re a tattoo artist aiming to elevate your skills, expedite workflow for larger pieces, gain insights into my unique artistry, and understand my client session management. The course’s suitability depends on your experience level and aspirations in tattooing. Aspiring artists seeking advancement in advanced tattooing techniques or seasoned professionals looking to refine their expertise may greatly benefit from this workshop. However, if you’re seeking a basic introduction to tattooing, this advanced course might not cater to your needs. Assessing your goals and proficiency will help determine if this advanced tattoo workshop aligns with your skill development and aspirations.

After completing this tattoo pro workshop, you will gain a clear understanding of advanced tattooing techniques. Additionally, this tattoo workshop includes assignment sessions and opportunities to ask questions to clarify any doubts. Most importantly, upon completion of the tattoo pro workshop course, you will receive a world-class tattooing certificate.

This Advanced tattooing technique workshop course will cover:

  • Equipment – pro & cons
  • Big needles & blackwork
  • Freehand & big stencils
  • Body anatomy and how to place big pieces
  • Speed & time
  • Guide clients
  • How to find clients for big sessions
  • My aftercare
  • Price
  • Tips and hacks

Target audience for this advanced tattooing course

  • Experienced tattoo artists
  • Those seeking advanced techniques
  • Professionals refining their skills


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