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Art Bundle

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About Bundle

Discover everything about creating beautiful tattoos in this comprehensive Learn Tattoo Art Bundle courses

Embark on an artistic journey with a comprehensive learn tattoo art courses bundle that covers three key aspects of creative expression. In this all-in-one package, you’ll delve into the artistry of abstract tattoo design, exploring swift methods to transform images into captivating masterpieces using handmade techniques and Corel Draw software. Next, create beautiful handmade flowers and detailed geometric mandalas, perfect for turning designs into stunning tattoos. Whether by hand or through Corel Draw, discover different methods for versatile art applicable in graphics, merch, and tattoo designs. Lastly, unlock the secrets behind crafting renowned SCRIPT patterns, breaking away from traditional rules and applying versatile techniques across various vector programs. This comprehensive learn tattoo art bundle provides a solid foundation for creating tattoo designs, vibrant graphics, and stunning artworks, offering access to vector files and patterns. Additionally, learn CorelDRAW Essentials for intricate tattoo designs and enhance your overall design skills with a dedicated YouTube thumbnail creation course, suitable for beginners and intermediate designers. Unleash your artistic potential with this all-encompassing course with tattoo art bundle.

Tattoo Art Bundle Workshop Includes:

At the end of this learn tattoo art bundle workshop, you’ll have the skills to design your own tattoos and learn basic tattoo art

Welcome to our all-inclusive design course bundle, where you’ll explore diverse aspects of creative expression and skill development. In the Abstract Tattoo Art Course, discover two techniques—manual creation with paper and pens, and advanced digital methods using CorelDRAW X5, applicable to various software versions. Practice files are provided, and a quick CorelDRAW workshop ensures familiarity. Join the Script Geometric Pattern Tattoo Workshop for unique script-based designs and a CorelDRAW workshop for practical insights. In the CorelDRAW Essentials classes, we’ll guide you through vector graphic design, regardless of your software version. Lastly, the YouTube Thumbnail Design Course covers the pivotal role of thumbnails, walking you through CorelDRAW techniques for engaging visuals. Unleash your creativity with this comprehensive course bundle and master diverse design skills for tattoo art, geometric patterns, vector graphics, and captivating thumbnails.

What makes CorelDRAW and Vectors preferable over Pixels?

Unlock full control over your graphic designs with CorelDRAW, a user-friendly software trusted by professionals worldwide. Whether you’re crafting logos, business cards, flyers, or mesmerizing geometric tattoo patterns, CorelDRAW provides a versatile toolkit for diverse design needs. It goes beyond pixels, harnessing the precision of vectors for scalable creations without losing quality. Join online courses to explore CorelDRAW Essentials, gaining the power to create intricate designs. Whether you’re using CorelDRAW X5 or a newer version, this software is your go-to choice for promotional materials, thumbnails, web pages, and more. Elevate your visual content with CorelDRAW, where creativity meets precision in the world of graphic design.

What qualifies me to be your instructor in this tattoo art course?

With over 20 years of freelancing experience, I specialize in crafting logos, graphic designs, merchandise layouts, and distinctive tattoo art. Using CorelDRAW, I exclusively create digital art showcased internationally while managing brands. As a full-time graphic designer and content creator, I offer insights for mastering abstract art tattoos and design techniques. If you are interest to tattoo stuff visit my tattoo shop psy25 and tattoo studio psyland25. Moreover, you can buy procreate brush from my Tattoo-procreate25 brush tools website and be a master of tattooing. Whether you’re a beginner or have some knowledge in hand painting or Corel Draw, I’ll guide you without prior experience. Known for my success in graphic design (search ‘little swastika’), I teach simple tricks for beautiful designs through workshops. My expertise in geometric pattern tattooing courses comes from my background in CorelDRAW and the tattoo industry, offering a unique approach for aspiring tattoo artists. Enroll in my courses for a comprehensive learning journey, combining program mastery with real-world entrepreneurial insights. Learn to create attention-grabbing thumbnails, especially for YouTube, and design visuals that captivate viewers.


Would this course work for you?

Embark on a learning journey with me, exploring new skills and programs regardless of your experience. Whether you’re into hand painting or CorelDRAW, there’s always room to enhance your abilities. Despite no formal graphic design education, my success is evident—just search ‘little swastika‘ I’ll guide you with simple techniques for stunning designs in workshops, delving into the world of abstract tattoo art.

Discover geometric tattoo patterns with no prior experience needed. Even if you know graphic design or Corel Draw, there’s more to explore—search ‘little swastika.’ Learn my tricks for stunning designs in specialized workshops. With over 20 years as a freelance artist, my unique style blending graphic design and abstract painting has gained global recognition. Exclusive digital art crafted using CorelDRAW has been showcased globally. As a full-time graphic designer and artist, I share my expertise and experience, making the learning process accessible for everyone. The CorelDRAW Essentials course is an in-depth masterclass suitable for all skill levels, offering advanced tips and tricks. Explore my work under ‘Little Swastika,’ and join me as I simplify creating beautiful designs with CorelDRAW, providing an easy approach for all users in specialized workshops. Whether venturing into the world of abstract tattoo art or refining graphic design expertise, these courses offer a comprehensive and accessible learning experience.

Everything necessary to embark on your personal design projects will be covered in this learn tattoo art workshop courses

  • Select reference pictures strategically for inspiration
  • Engage in envisioning and brainstorming sessions for creativity
  • Create unique line designs inspired by chosen images
  • Conduct experiments to refine and innovate designs
  • Employ abstract thinking to enhance learning effectiveness
  • Practice hands-on tasks to reinforce skills
  • Access downloadable files and images for practical use
  • Plan mandalas and floral designs with attention to detail
  • Explore diverse flower coloring methods for variety
  • Learn specialized tips and tricks for design enhancement
  • Utilize visual examples and assignments for learning
  • Download workshop materials for practical application
  • Sketch script patterns and plan their execution
  • Experiment with varied pattern shapes and enhancements
  • Create vibrant patterns using expert techniques
  • Master diverse shading and filling techniques for depth
  • Explore color and contour manipulation for visual impact
  • Gain exclusive insights and expert hints for improvement.

Who can benefit from this learn tattoo art courses?

  • Aspiring tattoo artists
  • Graphic designers at all skill levels
  • Individuals interested in abstract art and tattoo design
  • Beginners and experienced CorelDRAW users
  • Content creators seeking thumbnail design skills
  • Those looking to enhance their graphic design proficiency
  • Anyone fascinated by the fusion of graphic design and tattoo art
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What Will You Learn?

  • Develop abstract thinking & practical learning tips
  • Transform reference images into unique designs
  • Experiment with diverse arrangements & layouts
  • Gain hands-on experience through tasks
  • Plan & create mandalas, flowers, patterns
  • Acquire insights into script pattern planning
  • Create vibrant patterns using various techniques
  • Develop effective thumbnail creation principles
  • Navigate CorelDRAW workspace & settings
  • Apply shape creation & vector techniques
  • Manipulate knots, lines, & color palettes
  • Creatively edit text & apply effects
  • Explore outline, contours, & fillings techniques
  • Understand bitmap manipulation, shadows, & transparency
  • Perfect object alignment, grouping, & image importing
  • Prepare logos for vectorization & understand vectorizing