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Tattoo and Art Bundle

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About Bundle

You are a Tattoo artist and you want learn something new to step up the game. Your machine is the most powerfull tool and your main instrument for this craft we call tattooing. You should be fully in charge of how your machine runs and how to adopt every machine to your needs. You dont have to spend tousends of dollars for ‘brands’ and fancy machines who not make you a better tattoo artist than with something you can build or rebuild yourself for a veryy thiy part of the price.

And to profe this i will rebuild the cheapest tattoo machines i found in the internet and make them run amaxing.

This is not a course from a untattooed ‘artist’ with almost no experience. Befor i retired from tattooing (to become a filmmaker) i was a worldwide known tattoo artist. I invented my own style of tattooing, made a few world record tattoo pieces, build one of the most crazy and biggest ‘tattoo studios’ in the world and teached a handfull of students my craft and art ad made them to worldwide known tattoo aretist themself..

By the end of this tattoo and art bundle course, you will have the biggest skill i can ever provide to any other tattoo artist.

With almost 2 decades of tattooing i invented a lot of own techniques and skills. I become known for tattooing huge pieces in unrealistic fast times. And my main ingredient was always my machines and how i improved them. Its thhe iggest skill and the one thing i was teach all my students befor i even let them tattoo.

What makes me qualified to teach you tattoo and art bundle?

My work as tattoo artist got published in hundrets of books, magazines and onnline publications around the world. I made my way into the history books of tattooing and progressed and ifluenced the modern tattoo world. Make yourself a picture and find me on google (little swastika). On our homepage (psyland25)  you find also many of the magazin artikels and other information

Is this tattoo course for you?

You are already a tattoo artist and you want become better. Do you want understand the machines to the fullest and want be the one in charge.

This art bundle course will cover everything you need to know to to start rebuilding

  • How the machine work
  • Frame
  • Coils and what you need to know about
  • Capacitors & how they effect the speed
  • springs & the bar
  • rca VS clipcord
  • take a machine apart and put it back together (better)
  • Welding better cables and conections
  • Perfect symetry of a machine and why its importend
  • Tips and hacks
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