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Tattoo Bundle

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About Bundle

Learn all about making basic tattoos better in this tattoo online course bundle

Welcome to our tattoo online course for Tattoo Artists, a complete MASTERCLASS in tattooing, building on the success of our ‘Tattoo Beginner Course.’ We’ve carefully organized workshops in a film studio with real clients, capturing every detail for our comprehensive guide. Taught by a renowned former tattoo artist turned filmmaker, this course covers everything from basics to advanced techniques. Whether you’re new or skilled, my lessons cover everything, from hand-poking to traditional techniques. By the end of the tatttoo masterclass, you’ll be ready to set up and start tattooing, empowered with confidence and expertise.This specialized workshop dives into advanced techniques such as design, shading, and understanding skin intricately. Explore dotwork tattoos with this in-depth course, perfect for beginners or experienced artists looking to expand their skills.Explore creating large tattoos with our Freehand Tattoo Mastery course, designed for experienced artists and enthusiasts of massive designs.

Tattoo online course bundle Includes :


When you finish the tattoo masterclass, you’ll know how to set up and start tattooing

At Tattoo-workshop25, our immersive course for tattoo artists provides foundational skills essential for tattooing. We take a unique approach by comparing cheap internet-bought Tattoo sets against Professional equipment, demonstrating setup and tattooing processes for both. From understanding tattoo gun basics to exploring different types, we cover it all, culminating in a final exam to apply your newfound knowledge. After completing this hand-poked tattoo course, you’ll master building hand tools and commencing with stick and poke needle method tattooing. 

With nearly two decades in the advanced Tattoo industry, I’ll unveil the secrets behind my approach, providing insights into client management and navigating extensive sessions. Join me in this advanced tattoo workshop exclusively offered through the Tattoo Pro Workshop, where you’ll gain insider knowledge and elevate your skills. 

This course isn’t a replacement for the ‘Beginner Tattoo Course,’ but it gives you all the essential info to start Abstract / Avant Garde tattoos. We’ve organized the lessons so skilled artists can skip the basics and quickly master Abstract Tattooing. 

By demonstrating setup and tattooing using internet-bought kits, this course guides you from understanding tattoo gun fundamentals to confidently executing basic tattooing techniques. This workshop tattoo course isn’t a replacement for the ‘Beginner Tattoo Course,’ but it’s your complete guide to kickstarting Blackwork tattooing. For advanced tattoo artists, we’ve organized lessons to focus solely on Blackwork tattooing. 

Not your typical tattoo onilne masterclass course, this program is solely dedicated to launching you into the world of Dotwork tattoos. We’ve tailored the lessons specifically for experienced tattoo artists to swiftly grasp all the crucial information about Dotwork. This advanced course is exclusively for experienced tattoo artists ready for big projects. Making freehand big tattoos requires skills beyond painting and stenciling.


Why consider me to be your teacher for this learning tattoo course?

In the tattooing realm, my contributions have been featured in countless global publications, strengthening my impact on the evolution of tattoo artistry. Known as ‘Little Swastika’ a quick online search unveils my vast body of work, while our homepage, Psyland25, offers a deeper dive into my artistic legacy.

My expertise extends beyond artistic prowess; it encompasses a deep understanding of tattoo equipment and techniques, developed over two decades of immersive exploration. From mastering professional tools to experimenting with various setups, my insights offer a unique perspective crucial for guiding aspiring tattoo artists effectively.

This wealth of experience serves as the foundation of my role as your guide through our course at Tattoo-workshop25. Whether you’re exploring the intricacies of tattoo guns or exploring the details of different equipment setups, my hands-on approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the tattoo creation process.If you want to learn more about me, visit Lily-lu. I am also the owner of Psy25 Calligraffiti Art Shop, offering Procreate brush tools to enhance your skills efficiently.

But my journey doesn’t stop at theoretical expertise—it’s grounded in practical application. I’ve mentored countless tattoo artists, refining their techniques and nurturing their artistic vision. This course isn’t just about conveying knowledge; it’s about empowering you with practical skills and a profound comprehension of the art of tattooing.

Join me at Tattoo-workshop25, where my years of experience and deep knowledge will guide you, giving you the skills and confidence to start your tattooing career. Buy now tattoo online course and be a master of tattoo art.

Would this tattoo learning course benefit you?

Embark on the tattoo learning course with me, where expertise meets practical insights, regardless of your experience level. Dive into understanding tattooing and evaluating your tattoo artist’s skills and safety practices. Explore abstract tattooing effortlessly with me, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist. Kickstart your journey into mastering abstract design tattoo techniques and styles. Discover Blackwork tattooing with me, regardless of your experience level. Delve into this distinctive style and ensure your tattoo artist practices safely and skillfully. Start learning freehand tattooing and big tattoo stencil creation with me, regardless of your experience. Gain valuable insights into tattooing and ensure your tattoo artist’s safety and skillfulness.

If you are new to the tattooing world, this course is essential for you. Additionally, if you already have some knowledge about tattooing, it will also help enhance your skills. So, Join my tattoo masterclass online course and be a master of tattooing

Everything you need to know to start tattooing is included in this online masterclass course

  • Equipment selection for various skill levels
  • Needle types and their functions
  • Understanding ink, markers, and stencils
  • Maintaining hygiene and health standards
  • Setting up an efficient tattoo workspace
  • Techniques for design preparation and stencil creation
  • Tattoo placement and body anatomy knowledge
  • Mastering tattoo basics: outlines, filling, shading
  • Handling real clients and session management
  • Post-tattoo care and wrapping methods
  • Effective pricing and client acquisition strategies
  • Valuable tips and tricks for tattooing success
  • Exploring specialized tools and their uses
  • Freehand tattooing techniques and considerations
  • Guidance on large-scale freehand tattooing
  • Understanding design transfer methods
  • Considerations for detailed art placement
  • Step-by-step creation process guidance
  • Factors influencing optimal tattoo positioning

Who can join the basic masterclass course

  • Tattoo enthusiasts, designers, and artists
  • People of varied skill levels
  • Experienced practitioners seeking insights
  • Newcomers, experienced artists, and enthusiasts
  • Fans of abstract tattoo art
  • Explorers of tattoo basics and design
  • Beginners, aspiring artists, and entrepreneurs
  • People interested in client interaction and aftercare
  • Individuals exploring the tattoo industry
  • Enthusiastic learners and aspiring artists
  • Those curious about Blackwork style
  • Fans of dotwork tattooing
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What Will You Learn?

  • Basics of tattooing covered, including drawing to tattooing skills
  • Guide to essential tattoo equipment procurement, focusing on cleanliness and core principles
  • Setup instructions for workspace and machines, understanding needle types and applications
  • Client care and aftercare practices, traditional hand-poked tattoo techniques included
  • Exploration of needle options, tips for using big needles and freehand techniques
  • Mastery of tattoo techniques, including abstract, Blackwork, and Dotwork
  • Equipment guidance and hygiene standards emphasized
  • Techniques for large-scale freehand tattooing, layout considerations included