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Tattoo and Art Bundle

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About Bundle

Discover everything about creating beautiful tattoos in this comprehensive Art and Soul Tattoo courses

Welcome to our art and soul tattoo advanced MASTERCLASS for Tattoo Artists, building on the success of our ‘Tattoo Beginner Course.’ Taught by a renowned former tattoo artist turned filmmaker, covering basics to advanced techniques. Whether you’re new or skilled, my lessons cover hand-poking to traditional techniques, empowering you to start tattooing confidently. Join our exclusive program designed for experienced artists aiming to enhance their skills. Dive into advanced techniques such as design, shading, and understanding skin intricately. Explore dotwork tattoos and Freehand Tattoo Mastery. Unlock your potential with us.

Embark on an artistic journey with our comprehensive body art and soul studio course bundle. Delve into abstract tattoo design, create stunning flowers and mandalas, and unlock the secrets of crafting SCRIPT patterns. Gain a solid foundation in creating tattoo designs and vibrant graphics, with access to vector files and patterns. Learn CorelDRAW Essentials and enhance your skills with a dedicated YouTube thumbnail creation course. Unleash your artistic potential with this all-encompassing in this art and soul tattoo bundle courses.

This Art and Soul Tattoo Bundle courses include:

  • Basic Tattoo Workshop
  • Basic XL Beginner Masterclass
  • Advanced Tattoo Artist Workshop
  • Blackwork Tattoo Workshop
  • Dotwork Tattoo Workshop
  • Abstract Tattoo Workshop
  • Abstract Motive Course
  • Mandala Flowers Workshop
  • Geometric Pattern Masterclass
  • Script Pattern Masterclass
  • Corel Draw Masterclass
  • Thumbnail Workshop
  • Handpoke Tattoo Workshop
  • Big Tattoo – Stencil and Freehand

When you finish the body art and soul tattoo course, you’ll know how to set up and start tattooing

Welcome to Tattoo-workshop25, where we offer immersive courses for tattoo artists, covering everything from foundational skills to advanced techniques. In our hand-poked tattoo course, you’ll learn to master stick and poke needle method tattooing and build hand tools. Join our advanced tattoo workshop to gain insights into client management and navigate extensive sessions. Our Blackwork tattooing course guides you from understanding tattoo gun fundamentals to confidently executing basic tattooing techniques. For experienced artists, our Dotwork tattooing program provides all the crucial information needed for big projects.

Additionally, explore our all-inclusive design course bundle, covering diverse aspects of creative expression and skill development. From abstract tattoo art to script geometric patterns and YouTube thumbnail design, unleash your creativity and master various design skills. Join us at Tattoo-workshop25 and take your artistic journey to the next level.

Why did you choose me as your art and body soul tattoo studio course Teacher?

With over 20 years of freelancing experience, I specialize in crafting logos, graphic designs, merchandise layouts, and distinctive tattoo art, using CorelDRAW to create digital art showcased internationally. As a full-time graphic designer and content creator, I offer insights for mastering abstract art tattoos and design techniques, guiding beginners and those with some knowledge in hand painting or Corel Draw without prior experience. Known for my success in graphic design (search ‘Little Swastika’), I teach simple tricks for beautiful designs through workshops. My expertise in geometric pattern tattooing courses comes from my background in CorelDRAW and the tattoo industry, offering a unique approach for aspiring tattoo artists. Enroll in my courses for a comprehensive learning journey, combining program mastery with real-world entrepreneurial insights, and learn to create attention-grabbing thumbnails, especially for YouTube, and design visuals that captivate viewers.

Little bit more about my skills

In the tattooing realm, my contributions have been featured in countless global publications, strengthening my impact on the evolution of tattoo artistry. Known as ‘Little Swastika’ a quick online search unveils my vast body of work, while our homepage, Psyland25, offers a deeper dive into my artistic legacy. My expertise extends beyond artistic prowess to encompass a deep understanding of tattoo equipment and techniques, developed over two decades of immersive exploration. From mastering professional tools to experimenting with various setups, my insights offer a unique perspective crucial for guiding aspiring tattoo artists effectively.

This wealth of experience serves as the foundation of my role as your guide through our art and soul tattoo courses at Tattoo-workshop25, where my years of experience and deep knowledge will empower you with practical skills and a profound comprehension of the art of tattooing. Join me, and gain the skills and confidence to start your tattooing career.

Would this body art studio course work for you?

Join Tattoo-workshop25 for body art and soul bundle courses with me, where expertise meets practical insights, regardless of your experience level. Explore tattooing and artist evaluation, delve into abstract tattooing whether you’re a beginner or experienced. Master abstract design tattoo techniques and styles, discover Blackwork tattooing. Learn freehand tattooing and stencil creation using CorelDRAW. My success is evident—search ‘Little Swastika.’ I’ll guide you with simple techniques into abstract tattoo art. Discover geometric tattoo patterns—search ‘Little Swastika’ for specialized workshops. With over 20 years as a freelance artist, my unique style has gained global recognition. Exclusive digital art crafted with CorelDRAW has been showcased globally. As a full-time graphic designer and artist, I share my expertise, making learning accessible for everyone. Explore my work under ‘Little Swastika’ and join me in creating beautiful designs with CorelDRAW, offering easy approach for all users. These tattoo courses provide comprehensive learning experience.

This bundle courses will cover everything you need to know to to start tattooing, including:

  • Hygiene and workspace setup
  • Equipment selection, including needle functions
  • Understanding ink, markers, and stencils
  • Preparing designs and creating stencils
  • Placing tattoos and understanding body anatomy
  • Mastering tattoo basics: outlines, filling, shading
  • Considering factors for tattoo positioning
  • Utilizing specialized tools and freehand techniques
  • Guidance for large-scale freehand tattooing
  • Methods for design transfer and placement
  • Step-by-step creation process guidance
  • Selecting strategic reference pictures
  • Creating unique line designs
  • Enhancing learning through abstract thinking
  • Practicing hands-on tasks
  • Planning mandala and floral designs
  • Exploring diverse flower coloring methods
  • Using visual examples and assignments for learning
  • Sketching script patterns and planning execution
  • Creating vibrant patterns with expert techniques
  • Mastering diverse shading and filling techniques
  • Exploring color and contour manipulation
  • Receiving insights and expert hints for improvement
  • Managing clients and sessions effectively
  • Implementing post-tattoo care and wrapping methods
  • Developing pricing strategies and acquiring clients
  • Utilizing tips and tricks for tattooing success

Who can join this body art tattoo studio courses

  • Aspiring tattoo artists, graphic designers, and abstract art enthusiasts
  • Beginners to advanced CorelDRAW users and content creators
  • Those intrigued by the fusion of graphic design and tattoo art
  • Tattoo enthusiasts of all skill levels
  • Experienced practitioners and newcomers alike
  • Fans of abstract, dotwork, and Blackwork tattoo styles
  • Individuals exploring client interaction and aftercare in the tattoo industry
  • Those aiming to build and improve own tattoo machines
  • People interested in the mix of graphic design and tattoo art


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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn the basics of tattooing, covering drawing to tattooing skills
  • Receive guidance on essential tattoo equipment procurement, focusing on cleanliness and core principles
  • Understand setup instructions for workspaces and machines, including knowledge on needle types and applications
  • Master client care and aftercare practices, with traditional hand-poked tattoo techniques included
  • Explore needle options and receive tips for using big needles and freehand techniques
  • Gain proficiency in tattoo techniques, including abstract, Blackwork, and Dotwork
  • Emphasize equipment guidance and hygiene standards
  • Acquire techniques for large-scale freehand tattooing, considering layout
  • Develop abstract thinking and practical learning tips
  • Transform reference images into unique designs and experiment with diverse arrangements
  • Gain hands-on experience through tasks, planning, and creating mandalas, flowers, and patterns
  • Acquire insights into script pattern planning and learn to create vibrant patterns
  • Learn effective thumbnail creation principles and navigate CorelDRAW workspace and settings
  • Apply shape creation and vector techniques, manipulate knots, lines, and color palettes
  • Creatively edit text, apply effects, explore outline, contours, and fillings techniques
  • Understand bitmap manipulation, shadows, and transparency
  • Perfect object alignment, grouping, and image importing
  • Prepare logos for vectorization and understand the process of vectorizing